Frequently asked questions

Who is Hoos Hauling?

Hoos Hauling is a full service junk removal company serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. We haul items you no longer need like, construction debris, mattresses, appliances etc. We work hard to make decluttering easy!

What can we haul away?

What we Haul:

  • Wood: Fencing, firewood, and timber
  • Construction Materials: Debris and tiling
  • Yard Debris: Branches, trees and bush clippings
  • Furniture: Couches, mattresses and box springs
  • Garage, Shed and Attic Junk: Boxes, books, old tools and tires
  • Concrete: Broken pathways, crumbling foundations or flooring
  • Dirt, Soil and Sod
  • Roofing Items: Tiles, flashing & general scrap
  • Renovation Materials: Walls, windows, floorboards, drywall, plasterboard and frames
What we WILL NOT take:
  • Paint
  • Chemicals, solvents & Oils
  • Asbestos
  • Storage and Oil Drums
  • Oil and Waste Storage Tanks
  • Junk Vehicles

Will all of my stuff be thrown away?

We try our best to donate all gently used items to those in need. Items deemed unfit for donation are responsibly disposed of.

Do I have to do any heavy lifting?

No. Once your haul is booked your junk is no longer your problem.